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2023 – Conservation Law Foundation

I worked with the CLF Communications Team on graphics for their "Four Season of the MBTA" campaign. I was charged with creating one illustration for each of the four seasons that illustrated all of the climate-related issues that become acute for greater Boston's public transit system at that time of the year. Icy crosswalks and snow piles blocking bus stops in the winter; un-air conditioned train cars and buckling train tracks in the summer; downed trees on rail lines in the spring; flooding in the fall; and on and on. As an illustrator who loves to create detailed and busy compositions, I love assignments like this that ask me to cram a lot into each illustration, while still keeping the whole image legible. Paired with text, these illustrations will exist on the web and on social media to raise awareness of the increasing resiliency challenges the MBTA faces as seasonal weather patterns are exacerbated by climate change. 

4 Seasons of MBTA Illustration - Summer
4 Seasons of MBTA Illustration - Winter
4 Seasons of MBTA Illustration - Spring
4 Seasons of MBTA Illustration - Fall
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