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Murals and Public Art

I have had the privilege to create custom murals and public art commissions throughout the Boston area and the greater Northeast. I focus on fun, site-specific and/or interactive compositions that always give viewers something new to discover or experience.  

Troy Art Block – 2023

I was selected as a traveling artist for Troy's inaugural Art Block, which put up 27 temporary murals in Church Street alley in downtown Troy, and went on to win a USA Today Award for Best New Festival. I loved designing this color- and movement-forward composition to span this unusual collection of doors and windows.

Window Art for Lowell Folk Festival – 2023

I painted an abstract, Lowell-inspired design on Market Street as part of a window mural series in the Canalway Cultural District to promote the annual Lowell Folk Festival.

Studio 124 at Harvard University – 2022

I was commissioned by the Office of the Vice Provost for Advancements in Learning (VPAL) to create a mural that would liven up their new A/V studio on Harvard campus. This mural plays across four walls of this small office, featuring motifs and textures evocative of VPAL's work and surroundings: flowing lines inspired by sound waves and the Charles River; references to lecturers and professors; paint chips and crumpled paper to symbolize iteration and the team's creative process. Several sections of chalkboard cap off the mural so that VPAL staff and visitors could make their own marks on the wall, and leaves notes for one another amid the design. 

HarborCOV Ceiling Mural – 2023

My friend and collaborator Alex Adamo and I were commissioned to create a ceiling mural for a newly redesigned "zen den" at a shelter in Chelsea, MA. I designed a composition that prioritized color, shape, and movement to enliven the basement space, and we collaborated to implement this brightness and texture to the space's challenging drop ceiling! 

Garden Nursery Mural – 2022

A custom mural for a new baby nursery in Arlington, MA. The design is based off of a fantastical garden scene, populated by overlarge versions of some of the family's favorite plants, flowers and a fir tree. (Plus the family dog making a very important cameo.)

Puzzle Me, Allston–Brighton! – 2021

I created an interactive new mural for the Crossings Street Gallery, an outdoor area near the Harvard Ed Portal in Lower Allston. My 12'x7' design is intended to be both a playful celebration of Allston–Brighton, and an activity: the design is made up of 44 symbols, sites and landmarks having to do with Allston–Brighton, jumbled together to make a street-scale find-and-seek puzzle. The mural is paired with an online picture glossary and story map, which provides a bit of description and links for further reading for each of the 44 local illustrations: ​

Payne Park Mural – 2020

I painted a new mural in Payne Park, a newly renovated public park in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Pawtucket, RI. The covers the front, back, and sides of three freestanding walls, roughly 820 square feet. The design references the local architectural, natural and social landscape through highlighting notable buildings, places and landmarks, with whimsical community scenes in the foreground. The intent was to create a detailed, illustrative backdrop for playtime and performances in Payne Park, one that could read as an “I Spy” for the local community. At the end of the project we held a community painting day where local families and mural volunteers took over individual blank sections of the blue-and-yellow wall margins and let their own creative mark on the wall. ​

New Hampshire Nature – 2019

I was commissioned by the Friends of the Lane Memorial Library in Hampton, NH to create a site-specific stairway mural leading from the building entrance to a children’s reading room. The library community voted for a mural theme of “New Hampshire Nature,” and I had a blast creating a highlighting Seacoast ecosystems (forest, marsh, ocean) and the plants and animals that call these habitats home. 

Kerouac Park Container – 2019

I was commissioned by the City of Lowell to create a mural on a 20' storage container in downtown Kerouac Park. My design is an ode to Lowell’s industrial and labor history, and highlights local built and natural features: the silhouette of the Merrimack River; components of power loom and cotton-spinning technology; warp and weft texture to reference textile industry; and brick-forward Mill City architecture.

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