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Illustration* (poignant, abstract) 

It's a privilege to get to make things that other people will see, things that will be a part of our cluttered visual environment. So in my role as an artist, I feel I should always be trying to make gifts to give back to my viewers: works that will incite laughter, contemplation, familiarity or reverence. And out of respect for the spaces we live in and make art about, a lot of my work seeks to archive, document, and souvenir sights, moments and impressions from our world. 

Fully or comprehensively apprehending any place or community or feeling is impossible, so my process is to try anyway and joyfully fail. I seek opportunities to fire up my curiosity to create compositions that blend illustration and abstraction, and turn a rosy spotlight on the everyday or mundane.


Lately I am focused on designs that patch together community motifs into tapestry-like compositions: what if a love letter was a quilt, and that quilt was a painting? I challenge myself to consider “place” from every angle (cultural, historical, architectural, biological, microbial, etc.) and stitch together signifiers from portraits to molecular models, topographical views to color gradients, constellations to dance diagrams. 

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