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Illustration* (playful, whimsical)

I love working with clients and collaborators on busy, detailed, whimsical compositions that give the viewer plenty to look at. My illustration work is very influenced by well-loved childrenʼs media like “I Spy” books and Richard Scarry artwork, and I maintain that these playful, thoughtfully cluttered scenes have a lot to offer for adult and child audiences alike. When it comes to bringing eyes to a new campaign, sharing visual information, or just creating something that audiences will want to spend time with, we need to use all the creative inroads available to us.

Here are some of my favorite projects and commissions from the lighthearted and cartoonish side of my practice. 

Brookline Chamber of Commerce

In 2021 and 2022 I worked with the Brookline Chamber to illustrate their local business directory website,, from the bottom up. My work for the Chamber also includes promotional designs and illustrations for events like the First Light Ceremony and roadside banners ahead of the US Open in Brookline.

Conservation Law Foundation

I worked with the CLF Communications Team on graphics for their 2023 "Four Season of the MBTA" campaign. I created one illustration for each of the four seasons to illustrate the climate-related issues that become acute for greater Boston's public transit system throughout the year. Paired with text, these illustrations will exist on the web and on social media to raise awareness of the increasing resiliency challenges the MBTA faces as seasonal weather patterns are exacerbated by climate change.

Jewish Arts Collaborative

I have worked with JArts Boston since 2020 on to create fun and cartoony spot illustrations, merchandise designs, puzzles, social media assets and more. Here are some of my favorites. 

My best animals

Animals wearing people clothes or doing people things is my bread and butter. From my archive of literally hundreds of drawings, here are some of my favorites. 

Boston illustration for Puzz

I worked with Puzz on a Boston-themed jigsaw puzzle for their Hometown series, chock-full of little Boston scenes and references. (My favorite is the Gardner heist vignette.)

Our Revolution Medford campaign mailer

In an uncommonly direct crossover between my political life and artistic life, I contributed an 8"x10" illustrated mail piece to the team of local candidates endorsed by Our Revolution Medford in 2023 (which included myself). The mailer was sent to thousands of voters in Medford ahead of the 2023 election and features many scenes and vignettes illustrating the Medford People's Platform

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