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Mural FAQs

If you're reading this unlisted page, it means that we've talked about a mural project that you're considering. How cool! Allow me to walk you through some of the basics of my mural service from cost, to design process, to installation. These estimates are meant to orient you to my typical working process and pricing, and provide some context. I am always happy to let the details be a discussion, to make sure that your mural fits your life and your budget. (Note: This process, and my prices, reflect mural projects that are aligned with my current art style as shown in my previous mural projects.) 

Cost formula for residential murals

My prices for standard indoor, residential murals in the greater Boston area usually start at $4,000. That includes me designing your mural image, painting it, and all paints and materials. Here's where that number comes from.

April 2023 Mural Formula

So let's say you have an indoor wall that is 10' long and 8' high. It's in sound condition for a mural, but fairly scuffed up. You have a good clear idea of what type of design you'd like painted and it's consistent with my existing art style, so the standard 4-step design process (more on that below) is totally sufficient. Plus, you have a driveway I can park in. What will your mural cost? 

Your wall is 80 square feet, so your painting fee is $2,160, plus a priming fee of $75. None of the other additional miscellaneous costs kick in (yay!) so together with materials costs ($400) and the standard design fee ($1500), your total project fee is $4,135

Mural Design Process: What to expect

So you want a custom mural. But how do we go about designing the mural that you'd like for your wall? I find that these projects work best when the client has some idea of what they'd like painted, or at least a theme (i.e. sports, cityspace, garden). If you're coming in with a super-specific idea, awesome. If you just have a theme in mind to start (i.e. garden, sports, cityscape, animal roller derby) that's AOK too – that's what the sketch round is for.


Here's my standard, 4-round process that I use with my residential and commercial mural clients. In my experience, this process allows us to strike the right balance of making sure that you have ample opportunity to guide the art process and provide meaningful feedback that I will incorporate into your mural design; but isn't so open-ended that the process becomes overlong or overwhelming. 

April 2023 Mural Design Process

I am always happy to add additional rounds of feedback and revision, or additional final tweaks, even after we've exhausted these steps (though in my experience, it is seldom necessary). Those additional changes after Round 2 Final would be added to the project cost at a rate of $75/hour. 

Every wall is different, and every client is different; I am always happy to talk about how to make a mural project work for you. To schedule a time to chat about your wall, just drop me a line. Or if you're still mulling it over, why not check out some testimonials from my previous mural clients? 

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