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Studio 124 at Harvard – 2022


I was commissioned by the Office of the Vice Provost for Advancements in Learning (VPAL) to create a mural that would liven up their new workspace on Harvard campus. This team of photography, videography, and documentary experts was looking for an intervention that would add color, reflect the mission and guiding themes of their department, and help visitors and subjects feel welcomed and at ease in a creative environment. I designed and painted a mural that played across four walls of this small office (two corners facing one another). The final mural was grounded in motifs and textures meant to evoke VPAL's work and surroundings: flowing lines inspired by the Charles River; symbols of sound waves; references to lecturers and professors, who are often the subjects of VPAL's productions; paint chips and crumpled/folded paper to symbolize iteration and the creative process. In addition, this mural includes several sections of chalkboard paint so that VPAL staff and visitors could make their own mark on the wall, and use it to communicate and leaves notes for one another. 

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