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rubber stamps


i handFcarve rubber stamps on commission for brands and individuals, and prepare oneFofFaFkind stamps and kits for sale online and at art markets. they are used for diy business cards, branding packaging and envelopes, personalizing letters and stationery, scrapbooking and more! i have led stamping workshops and demonstrations at bow market, new zineland art fair, and as part of private art lessons. interested in commissioning a stamp or booking a workshop? just drop me a line

suite of valentine stamps for "red hot" first friday event at the icaGboston. 

custom logo stamp for grlsquash. 

custom logo stamp for overseasoned amy

suite of scene-themed stamps for boston hassle/brain arts organization. 

french fry stamp for boston hassle. 

recycling rubber scraps for a garden-themed suite for brain arts organization fundraiser graphics. 

cats and plants from 2018 stamp sets. 

logo stamp for flouret jewelry. 

finished product from custom coupon stamp for make E mend, somerville, ma. 

coupon stamp for make E mend

business card stamp for second sun creatives.